Undermethylation is a mental health condition. Symtpoms can arise from being undermethylated. Some of these symtpoms for conditions such as depression and schizoaffective disorder (among others) include:

Seasonal Allergies
High accomplishment
Peptic Ulcers
Denial of Illness
Attempt to hide the illness
Obsessions & compulsions
Adverse reaction to Folic Acid
Low pain tolerance
Strong willed
Calm but inner tension
Poor concentration
Social Isolation

Undermethylated people who are prone to depression may sometimes improve after SSRI’s and have good responses to antihistamines. They do not do well with benzodiazepines, a typical type of anti-anxiety medication.

What Can Help?

The nutrients Methionine and SAMe can help undermethylated people that suffer from mental illness. These two are natural serotnin reuptake inhibitors. This can be an alternative choice to SSRI’s.

Methionine and SAMe increase histone methylation. This can inhibit gene expression of serotonin transport proteins. This increases serotonin in synapses and produces higher serotonin activity.

Undermethylated people need to stay clear of folic acid. Check your pantry to see if your breads and cereals contain folic acid, check your supplements. See how you react. If you think you are undermethylated, try staying clear of these.

Other important nutrients include calcium, magnesium and zinc. In additon, nutrients that enhance serotonin production can be helpful, such a tryptophan, vitamin B6 and 5-HTP. Antioxidants are important for methylation therpay as well and some of these include vitamin A, Vitamin C, and vitamin E.

Low homocysteine levels are commonly found with undermethylation, although sometimes it may be high in individuals.

It has been found that undermethylated people need to stay away from folates such as methylfolate and folic acid. Others argue that since undermethylated people are usually low in folate, they desperately need some in their diets. If you decide to incorporate folate into your diet, try natural folate or folic acid instead of the methylated form.

Other nutrients to avoid include choline, manganese, copper and DMAE.