Nervines are nerve tonics that are calming herbs. They have mildly relaxing qualities without the suppressant effects of sedatives or your typical anti anxiety medications.

In addition to changing lifestyle habits and incorporating vitamin therapy or adapotgens, nervines can enhance effects of other approaches.

These herbs restore emotional balance and nourish the nervous system as well as our nerves in general.

Nervines can help with anxiety disorders and are known anxiolytics. They can also help with ADHD, restlessness, irritability, nightmares, Alzheimer’s disease as well as other mental health conditions.

Here is a list of nervines:

Blue Verian
Fresh Milky Oat
Lemon Balm
St. Johns Wort
Wood betony

Nervines for Mental Health

Human studies show that lemon balm can enhance cognitive functioning, improve mood and improve memory. It can relieve some symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, especially symptoms of forgetfulness and irritability due to this cups soothing properties. It is also helpful for ADHD symptoms and for people with seasonal affective disorder.

Chamomile is another herb that is helpful for ADHD, restlessness, irritability and mood swings.

Blue vervain It is an anxiolytic and antispasmodic herb. It is sometimes used with ashwagandha and skullcap for people with resltess legs and tardive dystinesia ( a common side effect of antipsychotic medications that are associated with involuntary bodily movements).

All of these herbs can be used as a tea or a tincture formulation.

As with most adjunctive therapies, there are concerns about taking any of these herbs along side your other medications. If you are going to incorporate any of these herbs into your daily healing routine, please consult a physician about any interactions with medications. For example, St. Johns Wort is warned about being taken with antidepressant medications, chemotherapy medications and the contraceptive pill as well as other medications.